To all epicurian and greedy people all over the world
I'm Olivia and I'm your Chef at Home!
Founder and owner of the                                               
Let me share with you, the two faces of my fabulous job !
Following what you want to discover, take the time to read and appreciate.
For anyone you want to share culinary art with.
A wonderful sensation of taste, smell, touch, sound and sight.
Cooking is a loving gift, a poem, an entire story by itself.
It carries emotions, feelings and above all passion!
This is the most important ingredient...Without passion, you cannot cook (same for lov
It's a true alchemy of sensations. 
A good meal, a good wine, a good water, a good heart and you reach the sixth sense above all: the intuitiveness of well-being!
Let me take over your kitchen for one evening.
I can cook for just you, for your family, for your friends...
Any question ?
Just dare !
A Kind of Magic
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